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Live Sustainably

About Pudami Sakshiga

Pudami Sakshi is a campaign undertaken by Sakshi Media Group with the aim of protecting the earth, combating environmental concerns and rightly conserving natural resources to the future generations. It is prudent to emphasize that the issue of climate change is indeed one of the most pressing challenges facing our times, and calls for a committed, consistent, and collective action to save our planet. At Sakshi, we believe that our work is far from culmination and will continue to take our movement forwards towards achieving ecological sustainability.

Pudami Sakshi Ga was just a seed to grow a cleaner and greener world, that we collectively nurtured into a successful campaign that inspired and impacted millions of households across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other parts of the world. We were glad to have reached many prominent influencers who joined the initiative and shared their own thoughts and experiences in the field of environmental protection.

Format: Success stories, Game changers, Interviews, Motivation rallies, Awareness meetings followed by Mega talkathon on the Republic day, 26th Jan

Pudami Sakshiga Meaning : Pudami = Earth, Sakshiga = Witness, Witness of the Earth issues

Goal: The goal of the initiative is to be at the forefront of combatting climate change and sensitizing environmental sustainability, to not only guarantee a better and greener future for the generations to come, but also invoke today’s youth to actively take part in designing solutions and take active part in tackling.

Theme of the year 2021: Green and Clean environment, Eco friendly world

Theme of the year 2022: Air Positive, Water Positive, Soil Positive and Energy Positive

Theme of the year 2023: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Objective: To create awareness on various environmental elements that are subject to human detriment such air, water, soil and energy in order to invoke action among the masses to take a step forward towards environmental sustainability.

  • To understand the current environmental issues we face, and bring forth possible solutions for the same
  • To enhance the knowledge of aims, tools and methods for involving people in the planning process of the initiative, in order to reinforce the purpose of the event from mere awareness raising to concrete steps of action

Mission: The Pudami Sakshiga initiative worked in tandem with various sections of society, including but not limited to educational institutions, private bodies, NGOs and prominent personalities & influencers in order to collectively raise voices in tackling environmental issues as well as to conserve the depleting natural resources.

Sakshi's Clean and Green Initiative

Sakshi media group‘s vision is to deliver impactful journalism that will help its consumers to move to a better tomorrow. Pudami Sakshigaa was the initiative chosen in line with our philosophy of a better tomorrow. The goal of Sakshi’s green initiative was simply informing consumers about the grim situation, educating them about sustainable solutions that are practical which could make everyone accountable towards the environment so we could have a better tomorrow.

The Pudami Sakshiga initiative worked in tandem with various sections of the society, including but not limited to educational institutions, private bodies, NGOs and prominent personalities and influencer community to collectively raise voices in tackling environmental issues as well as work towards conserving the depleting natural resources. The Clean and Green campaign aimed to protect and care for the environment by engaging the community in leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle. It conveyed what we as individuals could do to address the climate challenge.

The 360 degree campaign launched by Sakshi included the following main communication vehicles and tools.

Towards this goal , the Sakshi Media group took up various green initiatives:

  1. Debates and discussions.
  2. Case studies of conservation initiatives across India.
  3. Expert recommendations
  4. Motivational speakers including poets and NGOs.
  5. On ground activation and messaging with placards at high footfall locations.
  6. Celebrity endorsement and motivational call for action
  7. Promos , special edition of weekend magazine
  8. Eight Hour long Talkathon on the subject played on 26th January 2022 was preceded by a high decibel promotion across all Sakshi media group platforms.
  9. Several activation lead programs were held on ground which included plantation drives , runs for awareness and beach cleaning activities which received support and a pro-active participation of the general public.
  10. A dedicated website that was available for reference even after the campaign period ended.

There’s no denying that indiscriminate actions of mankind have had environmental repercussions across the world in real time. Even though Governments,NGOs and people across the world are seized about the alarming situation and consequences no concrete measures towards putting an end to actions that damage the Enviorment of steps towards reversing the damage done to the environment are being taken up at the scale that is absolutely necessary . As a responsible media entity which has the power and the responsibility to do our bit towards this end Sakshi Media Group took it up to do their bit towards educating its readers and viewers about the potential impending catastrophe that is awaiting us if we do not change our lifestyles and individually contribute towards saving the earth . It informed ,educated and motivated individuals to contribute to saving the earth by being responsible and stop all actions which had the potential to further damage the environment and take up stamps towards conserving our earth.

Sakshi Media Group has made a significant contribution to the conservation of the climate, the environment, nature, biodiversity and the resources. Sakshi is highly committed to the preservation and balance of nature and sustainability.

How Sakshi media group progresses every year?

• Our network identifies environment issues, and converts the same as visual/article stories.
• Our reporting teams reach the experts, prominent personalities, NGOs and the government and discuss the solution.
• Our think-tank analyzes the issue and creates awareness campaigns across all the mediums, Print, TV and Digital.
• Our ground team will execute On-Ground activation in select locations.
• Our events team will reach the educational institutions, i.e. next generation and conduct awareness programs.
• Our reporting team involves the panchayats, the parishads and municipal corporations to address the issues and bring solutions.
• On the republic day, The program turns to a bigger platform by conducting mega talkathan to analyze the issue with prominent personalities, authorities and celebrities who can influence a larger masses and gives larger publicity so that the community understands the issue and start changing

Creative Concept:

• Creatives were aired on Sakshi TV and Sakshi Digital media, along with special articles in Sakshi paper and awareness material for out of home.
• Promos, awareness videos on TV
• Articles on news paper

Media mix used:
News Paper, Television, Digital

Unique methods used in the communication:

• Special Sunday magazines
• Visual promos

• Greater self sufficiency
• More green homes
• Savings on energy costs
• Reduces carbon footprint
• Helps local economy

Pudami Sakshiga Pledge

పుడమి సాక్షిగా ప్రమాణం

మానవాళి భారాన్ని మోస్తున్న భూమాతను రక్షించుకోవాల్సిన తరుణం ఆసన్నమైంది. పుడమితల్లి రక్షణకు పాటుపడతామని మనమందరమూ ప్రతిజ్ఞ చేద్దాం.

పరిణామక్రమంలో మన జీవితాలను మరింత సౌకర్యవంతంగా, సురక్షితంగా చేసు​కోవాలని అర్థం చేసుకున్నాం..కానీ ఈ క్రమంలో ప్రకృతి సమతుల్యతను కోల్పుతున్న దిశగా పయనిస్తున్నామనీ, ఇది చివరికి ప్రపంచ వినాశనానికి దారి తీస్తుందనే కఠోర వాస్తవాన్ని విస్మరిస్తున్నాం. ఇకనైనా కళ్లు తెరవాలి. వాతావరణ మార్పులను నివారించడంతోపాటు, భూమిని రక్షించడానికి నా వంతు కృషి చేస్తానని ప్రతిజ్ఞ చేద్దాం. తద్వారా భవిష్యత్ తరాలకు మెరుగైన ప్రపంచాన్ని నిర్మిద్దాం.

పుడమి సాక్షిగా . .
– ప్లాస్టిక్‌ వాడకాన్ని తగ్గిస్తాను. ప్లాస్టిక్‌ పునర్వినియోగం, రీసైకిలింగ్‌ వైపు దృష్టి పెడతాను.
– చెట్లను కాపాడుతాను. కొత్త మొక్కలను నాటుతాను.
– మంచినీటి సరస్సులు, మహాసముద్రాలను శుభ్రపరిచే అవకాశాలను అందిపుచ్చుకుంటాను.
– కిచెన్ గార్డెనింగ్ ద్వారా నా స్వంత ఆహారాన్ని నేనే పండించుకుంటాను.
– విద్యుత్‌ వినియోగాన్ని సాధ్యమైనంతవరకు తగ్గిస్తాను. ఉపయోగంలో లేనప్పుడు లైట్లు, ఫ్యాన్ , ఇతర విద్యుత్‌ ఉపకరణాలను ఆపివేస్తాను.
– పర్యావరణ సమస్యలను విఘాతం కలిగిస్తున్న అంశాలపై అవగాహనపెంచుకుంటాను. ఇందుకు నా జీవనశైలిలో మార్పులను స్వీకరిస్తాను. అలాగే నా స్నేహితులు, కుటుంబ సభ్యులు కూడా దీన్ని అనుసరించేలా చూస్తాను.